Online, Digital & Social Media

Created online interactive experience with exclusive “Fan Club,” providing kids sense of belonging and the power to express themselves.

Drove 1.1M Unique Visitors in 5 Weeks

Implemented Global Google/YouTube Media Buy Driving User Engagement

Implemented a global Google/YouTube media buy across numerous entertainment video games utilizing SEO.  Campaign led to higher than average user engagement.

Live Interactive Streaming Event for Voltron Fans!

 Consumers tuned in to chat with voice talent and a chance to win prizes (game download codes, Voltron apparel, DVDs and more).  Consumers could tweet, e-mail and call with questions and answers driving user engagement and day 1 purchases for a successful tuned in live streaming event.

Drove Over 500M+ Impressions Through Multi-Faceted Social Media Campaign

Oversaw and drove execution of numerous social media initiatives (i.e. Blogging Outreach, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) designed to drive consumer engagement with promotions, contests, offers, announcements, exclusives, and more.

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