Launched Unique New Meal Soltuion:  Homestyle Bakes from Banquet

 Created New Category, Becoming Best Selling Grocery Product Introduction, Achieving $125M in Year 1 Sales

Developed New Product Line Focusing on Fun Flavors that Appeal to Kids

Generated New, News in the Category and Higher Profit Per Sku

Launched Unique Game, Ultimate Spider-Man, That Won Numerous Industry Awards

Remarkable Animation/Cel Shading, Outstanding Online Rich Media Creative, Superior Website Design & Highest Quality Children’s Gaming Product

Successfully Launched Numerous Video Games in a Difficult Retail Environment

Over 2M Units Sold Per Launch and Top Selling Animated Game Year of Introduction

Launched Innovative, Successful Mobile Games

Top Ranked Apps

Fruit Ninja Puss In Boots:  #2 Paid App

Kung Fu Panda – Be The Master:  #8 Paid App and #1 Kids App at Launch