New Product Innovator


Launched Innovative Educational Offerings

From executive certificate programs to Doctor of Business Administration (only AACSB credited program in western region) launching new frontier in executive education


Launched & Marketed Innovative, Successful Mobile Games

Fruit Ninja Puss In Boots:  #2 Paid App

Kung Fu Panda – Be The Master:  #8 Paid App and #1 Kids App at Launch

Kidawesome 5 star rating from Best App for Kids, and, and a 90% Children’s Technology Review


Launched Unique New Meal Solution

 Created New Category, Becoming Best Selling Grocery Product Introduction


Developed New Product Line Focusing on Fun Flavors that Appeal to Kids

Generated New, News in the Category and Higher Profit Per Sku


Launched Unique Game

Won Numerous Industry Awards:  Remarkable Animation/Cel Shading, Outstanding Online Rich Media Creative, Superior Website Design & Highest Quality Children’s Gaming Product

Successfully Launched Numerous Video Games in a Difficult Retail Environment

Over 2M Units Sold Per Launch and Top Selling Animated Game Year of Introduction