Lisa Perry

 Creating Consumer Engagement, Leading Brand Innovation and Driving Profitability

Lisa PerryHi, I’m Lisa Perry a global marketer and brand strategist with a passion for identifying opportunities that create consumer engagement while taking brands to the next level of marketplace success.  I’ve created magical moments for consumers by spotting trends and understanding consumer behaviors and desires in order to drive innovation and user experience.  Through my judicious risk taking, strategic leadership and creative insights, I’ve expanded market share and delivered profitable topline growth for numerous businesses, brands & consumers.

I’ve worked with Fortune 100 companies to entrepreneurial start-ups managing world class brands (SpongeBob, Orville Redenbacher, Spider-Man, Coca-Cola Classic), driving strategic partnerships (Bank of America, AT&T, Microsoft), creating integrated marketing campaigns to building businesses within the CPG, food & beverage, entertainment, technology and gaming industries among others.

I have a passion for marketing and love creating, marketing and launching new products to businesses and consumers.  I position brands for success, finding innovative solutions to businesses and products while mentoring and leading talented teams.  I know what it takes to get results!
•  BRANDING:  Developed brand strategies delivering $4B+ in revenue across leading companies.

•  GLOBAL PARTNERSHIPS:  Facilitated successful partnerships studios, brands & Fortune 100 companies generating a $1B in revenue.

•  DIGITAL:  Led digital strategies, acquiring millions of users, creating multiple top 10 selling apps and generating company profitability.

•  PROFITABILITY:  Drove $400M in operating income, exceeding share goals for the Coca-Cola brands.

•  NEW PRODUCTS:  Strong track record of driving innovation, launghing 50+ CPG products including successful new to the world platforms.

• BRAND TURN AROUND:  Drove iconic snack brank revitilization after 4+ year decline, driving 2X’s revenue increase and returning brand to the #1 share position.

•   INTEGRATED MARKETING:  Developed integrated marketing campaigns with world class brands, securing 1B+ in incremental brand exposure.


“Lisa is a true marketing professional with a deep understanding and background in global brand management and consumer marketing.  Lisa’s experience in taking brands to digital and her deep knowledge of entertainment is second to none. Lisa has pulled of some of the most integrated marketing campaigns I have ever seen.”

– Andy Hodgson, VP Marketing at THQ Inc. (Casual Games Group)

“Lisa is a multifaceted marketer and one of the sharpest strategist in the industry…While at THQ, Lisa pioneered the kids’ digital & mobile marketing initiatives – implementing FaceBook & Twitter campaigns, website engagements, SEO (YouTube & Google), DLC and unlockable content…Lisa knows how to reach consumers in any medium with an eye always on driving awareness and achieving ROI.”

-Karly Young, Chief Strategist | Creative Director, K Young & Associates (KYA Studios)

“Working with Lisa over the past year has been an incredible learning experience; she has an unyielding drive to take on difficult new projects, constantly challenging herself and our whole team to make innovative solutions that efficiently and accurately meet the needs of our partners.   As a leader, she consistently provides clear and concise direction on how our team can understand and deliver solutions that new clients need to succeed, and drives these directions with a calm, methodical hand.”

-Adam Kramer, Senior Manager, New Technology Innovations at JAKKS Pacific



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